Friday, March 1, 2013

11-20 Initial Draftability Scores

11) Willie Cauley-Stein - Kentucky 
Projected DI - .41

7'0 and very athletic, Cauley-Stein has been gaining traction in draft rankings as his role has increased for the Wildcats. There are, however, a lot of red flags here. Cauley-Stein's body type and skill set dictate he is probably not going to be a true center, his 37% free throw shooting is...concerning, and he's only averaging about 8ppg, 6 rbs, 2 blks in 20 minutes a night. A total and complete lottery ticket. Probably should go back for his sophomore year.

12) Mason Plumlee - Duke
Projected DI - .88
Gold Prospect

A rare senior, Plumlee has gotten better every year and has made particular strides on the offensive end this season. Scored significantly higher on the Index than brother Miles, and as the smaller and quicker player, will have a better chance to compete at the next level. Probably a good pick for a playoff team needing a Nick Collison type off the bench.

13) Kelly Olynyk - Gonzaga
Projected DI - .99
Gold Prospect

He's Canadian, he's 7'0, has Adam Morrison (don't say it, don't say it!!) hair and hits threes sometimes. Olynyk is a unique prospect. After red-shirting, and posting two pretty dull seasons off the Zags bench, Olynyk has blossomed in his junior year. It's tough to know exactly what to do with a player who, for instance, increases his free throw shooting nearly 20% in one season, but that's not exactly a bad thing. Not an athlete or a banger, whoever takes the plunge with Olynyk needs to realize what they're getting (and not getting) but I'd be surprised if he busted.

14) Glenn Robinson III - Michigan 
Projected DI - .60
Gold Prospect

"GR3" doesn't have that much in common his old man- he's a slasher as opposed to a spot-up shooter, is a plus rebounder, and has a reputation as a team guy. Doesn't do one thing exceptionally well, which is reflected in his middling DI. However, coming in, starting, and shooting nearly 60% in the competitive Big Ten as a freshman is pretty impressive- enough so that we could see taking Robinson somewhere in round one.

15) Trey Burke - Michigan
Projected DI - .75
Gold Prospect

Burke puts up big offensive numbers, hits a high percentage of his shots from inside, outside, and the stripe, and takes care of the ball. What's not to like? Burke is under-sized and hasn't shown much as a defender. Highly reminiscent of Lillard last year, if you need a point guard, you can take him and count on building up considerable 'real world' value, but you wouldn't want to plan on building your team around a guy like Burke.

16) Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - Georgia 
Projected DI - .46
Red Prospect

Caldwell-Pope (The year of the hyphen!) was a highly touted recruit and is an intimidating athlete as a 6'6 shooting guard, but picking him this high would be purely speculative. KCP (?) has struggled with both shot selection and efficiency and hasn't shown the well-rounded game that would lead one to look beyond those limitations. We'll let somebody else try their luck.

17) C.J McCollum- Lehigh
Projected DI - .69
Gold Prospect

Has steadily improved in his four-year career and was off to the best start of his career at Lehigh before suffering a broken foot that very well may have ended his season. At 6'3, he looks better if you believe he can do everything an NBA point guard needs to, but I don't see it. He'll probably have to play at the 2. He is a good rebounder and plays the game the right way- hard to see him starting for you though.

18) Tony Mitchell - North Texas 
Projected DI - 1.00
Green Prospect

After a scintillating freshman season, Mitchell has regressed in every significant facet of the game in 2012-13. Mitchell's most pronounced regression has been with his shooting percentages, and while that is concerning up and to a point, it's not our favorite component of his game. A superior rebounder, shot blocker, defender and overall disruptive force, Mitchell is the kind of guy we want.

19) Isaiah Austin - Baylor 
Projected DI - .64
Gold Prospect

He's 7'1 and some think still growing, so that's pretty interesting. Austin produces on the glass and blocking shots, and moves well for his size. Offensively, he's a mess. He has no low post moves to speak of and he shoots threes, like, really often. It's a complete tear-down. Too many blemishes for me. I'll just sign Hasheem Thabeet or something.

20) Allen Crabbe - California
Projected DI - .45
Red Prospect

A three-year starter for the Golden Bears, Crabbe is a good shooter and a passable athlete- all good things to be sure. However, if Crabbe struggles to get his shot at the next level- a real possibility, he's definitely in danger of busting. Not recommended.

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