Friday, November 23, 2012

John Henson Sighting! He was in South Beach...

As a Bucks fan, the numbers that I study are typically only useful in explaining, in precise terms, how the team is once again irrelevant. When the Deer selected John Henson, my third-ranked player this past draft, and as I see it, a near can't miss prospect, this was a rare and exciting convergence between numbers and fandom. Suffice it to say, I've been watching Mr. Henson very closely...which is not to say there has been a great deal to see.

Henson sprained his knee in the preseason and has been stuck behind the totally productive Epke Udoh and Larry Sanders on the Bucks depth chart. However, when Sanders was ejected in the Second Quarter of Wednesday's game at the Heat (oh, Larry) Henson received his meaningful extended run of the season...and it was AWESOME.

In 27 minutes, John put up 17 points and 18 rebounds (eight offensive). He was aggressive, he hit a couple of open jumpers, and the Bucks probably should have won the game. I realize the current reality of the Bucks rotation means most of Henson's minutes are going to be filling in for Larry Sanders when he gets ejected (still sort of often), but hopefully Skiles can carve out a regular 20 minutes a game for him.

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