Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Celebrity Matchmaker: Contenders Edition

As the trade deadline approaches, let's take the league's Top 5 teams, and make the deal that's going to put them over the top. The only rules: they've got to be realistic and make sense for both sides.

San Antonio Gets: Paul Millsap (.160) , Alec Burks (.009) , Raja Bell (0)
Utah Gets: Tiago Splitter (.207) , Gary Neal (-.033) , and Stephen Jackson (-.013)

Why it would be awesome: The Spurs are reportedly chatting about sending a similar package to Utah in exchange for Al Jefferson. Jefferson, I fear, will gum things up and too fundamentally alter the flow of the most fluid team in the league. Millsap also provides low-post scoring, but is more athletic (important against OKC and Lob City) and could conceivably be a cornerstone of the franchise whenever Timmy rides off into the sunset. Al ain't doing that.
Utah gets a real center to pair with Favors, Hayward, and Kanter going forward. That could be cheap and good...

Oklahoma City Gets: Jason Terry (.128) , Jason Collins (-.073) , Leandro Barbosa (.51)
Boston Gets: Kendrick Perkins (.48) , DeAndre Liggins (.142)

OKC need did a decent job with the Harden trade, but they still need some help filling in the production the bearded one provided. In Terry you get a veteran with who will bring the right balance of aggressiveness and deference off the bench. Perkins gives them nothing and Thabeet and Orton can eat those minutes.
Boston gets Big Perk back, moves KG back to his natural position, clears minutes for Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee, and moves Jet's pretty icky contract out of town. Everyone wins.

Miami Gets: Marcin Gortat (.114) , Goran Dragic (.123) , Shannon Brown (.42)
Phoenix Gets: Chris Bosh (.133) , Norris Cole (-.99) , Dexter Pittman ( .150)

Well, it's pretty clear this won't be happening, but I contend that Bosh is just not a great fit in Miami, nor is he worth his giant contract. (I still am in the minority in blaming him, not LBJ, for the loss to Dallas in the finals - Chandler cremated C.B under the basket every single game). This would give Miami greater balance and roster flexibility going forward, and sets them up to make the next set of moves needed to keep Lebron on that roster and stay under the luxury.
Phoenix gets a 'star' to build around, which is what they want and in a sense allows them to hit the reset button with the rest of that roster.

New York Gets: Terrence Jones (.112)
Houston Gets: Imam Shumpert (.70)

It's no secret that the Knicks need some help with low-post scoring and don't have a lot of minutes at the point for the talented and athletic Shumpert. We loved Jones coming into the draft this summer and he's done a nice job with limited minutes. Houston has Patterson and Morris and has no where to put the rookie out of Kentucky.
Houston has been trying to get Toney Douglas to run their offense when the Yellow Mamba is out of the game, and that just isn't going to work.Get this deal done, guys. It's perfect!

LA Clippers Gets: Nobody
LA Clippers Gives Up: Nobody

The contender that seems the most anxious to make a move has been L.A, but frankly I'd like to see them roll with what they've got. Odom is starting to perk up, Hill is back, Chauncey has been amazing in his new role- just let it ride. There's no huge hole here, if it doesn't work, make a draft pick, bring everyone back, and see where you are at this time next year.

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