Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Deadline Winners and Losers

All quiet of the Western Front, and the Eastern Front...it was quiet on all of the fronts, actually. We won't let that stop us from handing out tips of the cap and wags of the finger, though.

Milwaukee Gets:                 Orlando Gets:
JJ Redick                           Tobias Harris
Gustavo Ayon                     Beno Udrih
Ish Smith                           Doron Lamb

Redick has been a strong, consistent win producer and derives that value from very stable skill sets (jump shooting, passing). Ayon had a great rookie season but has slowed this year. He claims to be dealing with leg injuries that have held him back and should be a good, cheap back-up Center next year after Dalembert and Pryz walk. The whole question is whether Redick will stay in Milwaukee. The only way I can see that happening is if they overpay, and they could have done that after the season, as JJ is unrestricted.
Orlando picks up an extra 1.5M in expiring money and nets the young and talented Tobias Harris. Harris played one season at Tennessee, put up strong DI, and then proceeded to ride the pine for the Bucks. Harris is a very efficient scorer but has struggled defensively, which kept him in the Skiles/Boylan doghouse. Also, Harris may not have a true position between the 3 and 4.
I'm a big fan of Harris' and think he'll be a nice piece for Orlando, even if it's only backing up Harkless.
Winner: Orlando benefits from the Bucks' shortsightedness, it's the Magic.

Houston Gets:                                Sacramento Gets:                        Phoenix Gets:
Thomas Robinson                          Patrick Patterson                         Marcus Morris
Francisco Garcia                            Cole Aldrich                              
Tyler Honeycutt                             Toney Douglas

The national media is falling all over themselves patting the Rockets on the back for landing Thomas Robinson, but we aren't so excited. Robinson received low marks on our grading system coming out of Kansas, and was actually much worse than even we thought he'd be. Some analytics folks remain optimistic due to his high contested rebound numbers, but we're pretty sure that T-Rob's clunky offensive game, less than ideal height, and propensity for turnovers will prevent him from making any quantum leaps. Houston also picks up a Garcia 6.1M option to complete the deal.
Sacramento has nothing to brag about either here though. Whatever you think of Robinson, if you're going to launch him after 50 games, you'd better get something more than than 3 bench players and some cap relief. I'm interested to see Aldrich get some court time, as he has a pretty strong DI profile and could be a really good rotational big. Patterson is competent but nothing special and Douglas is one of my least favorite players in the league. So, yeah.
Phoenix gets the other Morris twin, which seems redundant.
Winner: I'm tempted to say no one, but I like the Aldrich pickup and the extra run for Jason Thompson. We'll go with the Kings.

Thunder Gets:                             Portland Gets:                              New York Gets:
Ronnie Brewer                             Eric Maynor                               Trade Exception
Trade Exception 

These were two separate deals, but we'll take them in tandem. Maynor is a flashy PG with a shallow game who was easily the worst OKC regular (although they're replacing him with Fisher, whyyyyy?). Brewer is a great glue guy and one of the more underrated players in the league. Brewer isn't having an exceptional year, but I still want him on my side.
Winner: This NBA business is easy when you know what you're doing. OKC in a landslide.

Washington Gets:                            Boston Gets:
Leandro Barbosa                             Jordan Crawford  
Jason Collins

Ernie Grunfeld's been reading us! (http://thedraftabilityindex.blogspot.com/2012/12/concession-report-wizards-edition.html)
Winner: Crawford is a bad player and you got him off the books, nice job Wiz.

Toronto Gets:                                Phoenix Gets:
Sebastian Telfair                            Hamed Haddadi

I didn't set out to troll Bryan Colangelo, but this is getting ridiculous. Telfair is a hideously poor win producer...way to load up for the playoff push.
Winner: Phoenix

There were a few other deals of even less consequence, but we'll spare them our acerbic judgements. Now that the rosters are set, we'll be making our fearless second-half predictions. Stay tuned.

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