Saturday, November 30, 2013

Rookie Report: 1/8th Edition

The month of November is all but in the book and we've gotten a look at the latest crop of rooks taking their first lumps in the Association. Limiting this to players who have given a reasonably good sized sample (200 minutes as of 11/29) we'll take a look at how our ratings are bearing out thus far.
*As always, thanks to the newly revamped for the WP data. Love the new site, guys.

Player                                           DI score                       WP48
Michael Carter-Williams                    2.18                             .127
Victor Oladipo                                  0.62                             .002
Nate Wolters                                    0.29                              .096           
Ben McLemore                                 1.12                             .041
Kelly Olynyk                                     0.50                           -.093
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope                0.64                             -.036
Steven Adams                                   0.35                             .137
Mason Plumlee                                 0.65                              .148
Hollis Thompson                               0.16                              .140
Tim Hardaway Jr.                             0.45                              .049

Notes: Michael Carter-Williams was far and away our highest rated player and we noted that we would have no compunction taking him as early as second overall, so his early success is very encouraging. We do see a dip in his field goal percentage coming, which may impact his WP going forward, but his defensive skills (three steals a game?!), rebounding, and playmaking ability are quite good and here to stay.
Victor Oladipo, despite a somewhat middling DI score was still our pick to win the Rookie of the Year and to make one of the largest positive contributions of this rookie class, and he has kind of validated us on both counts. The turnover and occasional defensive lapses that held down his DI score at Indiana have followed him to Orlando (hence the lousy WP), but anyone that has seen him play can see that he still has a very high ceiling and a game well-tailored to the NBA. Much like D-Wade, to whom Vic is so often compared, Oladipo needs to play at the 2, and never at PG- that alone would help to move him forward and to cut the massive turnover numbers. 
McLemore has been running hot and cold as a shooter and looks like he's trying to do too much when he's in there, but doesn't look overwhelmed and should find his stride once he's put in the starting lineup and left there. 
Olynyk has been a disappointment- we knew he'd struggle defensively, but he really hasn't shot the ball well at all for the C's.
This season's big man who is a considerably better pro than he was a college player appears to be Steven Adams. He's been getting up and down the floor and working hard under the glass, which is just what the Thunder were hoping for. So far, he looks like the answer in the middle for them.

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