Monday, May 13, 2013

DI Scores #41-60: Bullock, Davies, Siva, Curry and more...

41) Reggie Bullock - SF - North Carolina
Draftability Index: .37
Red Prospect

An improving shooter and good worker lacking ideal size and quickness.

42) Mike Muscala - C - Bucknell
Draftability Index: .42
Red Prospect

Can't defend his position and his offensive game, although good, won't make up the difference.

43) Phil Pressey - PG - Missouri
Draftability Index: .65
Gold Prospect

Pressey will get exploited by larger and stronger guards too often, though he can shoot a little.

44) Ray McCallum - G- Detroit 
Draftability Index: .49
Red Prospect

A tweener guard with an average jumper, would be very surprised if he made a difference at the next level.

45) Erik Murphy - PF - Florida 
Draftability Index: .45
Red Prospect

Spent four years in Gainesville and didn't show much until his senior season. If you go solely off of last season he is a justifiable second rounder.

46) Jack Cooley - PF - Notre Dame
Draftability Index: .42
Red Prospect

Cooley is a tough guy and a very good rebounder, but there are too many other pieces missing from his game. A 12th man for somebody maybe.

47) Brandon Paul - SG - Illinois 
Draftability Index: .35
Red Prospect

NBA athlete who struggled with shot selection and consistency with the Illini. He's a project.

48) Brandon Davies - PF - Brigham Young
Draftability Index: .45
Red Prospect

Flashed ability to score from the post and within 15. Doesn't play very strong or show much enthusiasm on defense.

49) B.J Young - G - Arkansas 
Draftability Index: .18
Gray Prospect

An explosive athlete but is under-sized and lacks a reliable jumper. Should have stayed in school and tried to round his game out.

50) Carrick Felix - SG/SF - Arizona State 
Draftability Index: .34
Red Prospect

Entered the draft on the strength of a strong junior year in Tempe, Felix is a very good rebounder and active defender, but had two very weak seasons prior to last.

51) James Southerland - F - Syracuse
Draftability Index: .69
Gold Prospect

An excellent shooter without any big blemishes; may have been protected defensively to a degree in the 'Cuse zone.

52) Michael Snaer - SG - Florida State
Draftability Index: .37
Red Prospect

Contributed for four years for the Seminoles, particularly as a three-point shooter, struggled with turnovers and efficiency when he tried to create for himself.

53) Matthew Dellavedova - PG - St. Mary's 
Draftability Index: .46
Red Prospect

The Aussie has good size and is both a creative and efficient play-maker, but he just isn't quick enough to make a big impact at the pro level.

54) Colton Iverson - C - Colorado State
Draftability Index: .30
Red Prospect

Was able to salvage his career after transferring to Colorado State- he can rebound and eat space a bit but at 6'10 you'd like if he could move and run better. He'll struggle.

55) Peyton Siva - PG - Louisville
Draftability Index: 1.12
Green Prospect

Nothing against Siva, but this has got to be a product of the 'Cardinal Effect'. For those of you new to the Index, Pitino's teams post oddly high scores, and have made some questionable prospects (Terrance Williams, Earl Clark) to look better than they were. If I were a brighter fellow, I could tell you why this was, and maybe even offer some sort of adjustment- as it stands we're just going to offer that if this one doesn't pay off, it wouldn't be the first time.

56) Robert Covington - F - Tennessee
Draftability Index: .41
Red Prospect

Covington is a talented scorer a little reminiscent of a player like Tim Thomas. Very light, he can't rebound or defend enough to play heavy minutes at either forward spot.

57) Pierre Jackson - PG - Baylor 
Draftability Index: .59
Gold Prospect

A talented scorer who excelled in an up-tempo offensive attack, Jackson is held back by a lack of ideal size and jump shooting ability but looks like he could be your second-stringer.

58) Zeke Marshall - C - Akron 
Draftability Index: .33
Red Prospect

The fact that Marshall is 7'0 and can move a bit may get him selected next month, but there is absolutely no evidence of production here. 5.2 boards a game against the Zips' level of competition for a player of his stature is quite weak.

59) Jared Berggren - PF - Wisconsin
Draftability Index: .71
Gold Prospect

Can shoot, defend and generally plays a smart and under control game. Needs to show he can rebound and get work done in the post consistent with a player of his size. Worth a look.

60) Seth Curry - G - Duke
Draftability Index: .37
Red Prospect

The Curry brand is a hot one these days, but unlike Steph, who received a High Green grade, Seth is a bit of a long shot. He can be a deadly shooter, but he lacks acceptable quickness and probably doesn't have the handle to play the point at the next level.

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