Saturday, May 4, 2013

Another Batch of DI Ratings

We have previously graded twenty (loosely aligned to Chad Ford's board) of the top prospects in June's draft, which you can read here: and here: On a night where a few playoff teams' seasons are coming to end, let's take a look at some of the players that figure to be on the board when they're making their choice.

21) Steven Adams - C - Pittsburgh
Draftability Index - .35
Red Prospect

Adams is a big dude and he blocked some shots, but the production just isn't there. If you need a five you can go there, but all you're doing is guessing. We've heard this one before.

22) Gorgui Dieng - C - Louisville
Draftability Index -1.16
Green Prospect

Something about the Pitino system seems to consistently give us some surprisingly high scores from his players and that might be what's going on here, however Dieng had two very productive seasons for the Cardinals and front offices would be wise to take notice.

23) Jeff Withey - C - Kansas
Draftability Index - .87
Gold Prospect

I like the cut of Whitey's jib, and those block numbers are awfully nice. Big and strong enough to get things done but he doesn't like to bang or back guys down. That fact is going to somewhat limit his ceiling at the next level.

24) Erick Green - PG - Virginia Tech 
Draftability Index - .28
Red Prospect

One of the inevitable "excellent shooter with no other discernible basketball skill" guys. Some figure out enough of the other stuff to make a nice career for themselves but nothing in Green's time at VT gives you much hope it will be him.

25) Lorenzo Brown - G - North Carolina State
Draftability Index - .32
Red Prospect

A point guard who finds himself in the first round conversation solely on the basis of superior athleticism, Brown looks more like a summer league flyer than a legitimate prospect to my eye.

26) Shane Larkin - PG - Miami
Draftability Index - .62
Gold Prospect

Improved considerably in all facets as a sophomore and probably could have used another year in the oven. Fundamentally sound, plays hard, just lacking in size and top-notch quickness. There may be reasons to look at the diminutive Larkin at a certain point in the draft.

27) Jamaal Franklin - SG/SF - San Diego State
Draftability Index -1.05
Gold Prospect

A truly interesting prospect, Franklin pulled down almost 10 boards a game as a shooting guard for the Aztecs. He had some success scoring the ball but possesses neither a good jumper nor great ability to finish at the cup. Franklin relies on a wild mix of runners and pull ups. Like Will Barton last year, he needs to improve his shot selection and cut turnovers, but the NBA skill sets are definitely there.

28) Deshaun Thomas - SF - Ohio State
Draftability Index - .78
Gold Prospect

A genuinely gifted scorer, Thomas lacks a natural position and has some pretty serious defensive issues. There's a good chance his shooting keeps him in the league, but it's tough to envision him starting for someone.

29) Isaiah Canaan - PG - Murray State
Draftability Index - .41
Red Prospect

An under-sized three point specialist from a mid-major. We're definitely in second round territory now. Canaan CAN shoot, and seems to handle the ball pretty well too. On the right team, he might contribute  running pick and roll in a Patty Mills type of way.

30) Myck Kabongo - PG - Texas 
Draftability Index - .14
Gray Prospect

To be an NBA point guard, generally you've got to have size or you've got to be able to make shots. Rondo or Curry. One or the other, sometimes both. Kabongo is short, slight and can't shoot a lick. Next.

31) C.J Leslie - PF - North Carolina State
Draftability Index - .20
Gray Prospect

To piggyback on that previous thought, to be an NBA Power Forward you should probably excel as a rebounder and shot challenger or score well enough to frustrate the other team's rebounder/shot challenger. Leslie is paper-thin and doesn't shoot the ball well anywhere outside the paint. No thank you.

32) Tony Snell - SG/SF - New Mexico
Draftability Index - .51
Gold Prospect

Snell is tall, long and can shoot the ball well from distance. That will be the reason a team takes the plunge with him somewhere in round two. Maybe that's what you're looking to do with your second rounder, but he certainly didn't produce much, even against middling competition.

33) Tim Hardaway Jr. - SG - Michigan 
Draftability Index - .38
Red Prospect

He's a good athlete,  can find himself shots, and makes them with reasonable efficiency. As an NBA shooting guard, Hardaway will have his nights, but as a guy that is too slight to finish or dominate his man defensively, he's at best, a bit player.

34) Nate Wolters - PG - South Dakota State 
Draftability Index - .29
Red Prospect

Wolters could be described as a slighter and slightly less accomplished version of Jimmer Fredette. His defensive production was marginal against Summit League competition- that's can't bode well for the next level.

35) Archie Goodwin - SG - Kentucky
Draftability Index - .35
Red Prospect

Goodwin is a physical specimen but didn't have much of a freshman year in Lexington. Can get to the basket and score, but he has no jumper and has not developed the secondary offensive moves he'll need at the next level. This is another total shot in the dark.

36) Andre Roberson - SG/SF - Colorado
Draftability Index - .77
Gold Prospect

Athletically gifted and an excellent rebounder, Roberson has an NBA-ready defensive game. It remains to be seen if he will be able to find a niche on the offensive end- if he can this is a pick with some real upside.

37) Trevor Mbakwe - PF - Minnesota
Draftability Index - .36
Red Prospect

A big body who can move, rebound, and defend. Mbakwe looks but the part but is extremely limited on the offensive side of the ball and had the worst showing in that respect last year as a senior. There are a lot of guys like this in the D-League.

38) Solomon Hill - SF/PF - Arizona
Draftability Index - .26
Red Prospect

Fundamentally sound, a four year contributor for the Wildcats, Hill had a nice career. He really isn't an NBA athlete and will struggle as his body doesn't really conform to either forward spot. Might be able to make a career for himself off someone's bench, but the ceiling is quite low.

39) Kenny Kadji - PF/C - Miami 
Draftability Index - .25
Red Prospect

For a man his size he gets up and down the court really well. No single stat translates more from the college to the pro game more strongly than rebounds, and with under five boards a game for his career, that fact doesn't bode well for Kadji's long-term prospects.

40) Ryan Kelly - PF - Duke
Draftability Index - .23
Gray Prospect

Fits the mold of a 'stretch' four, but is going to have size and speed issues on the defensive end. He was exposed fairly often even in ACC play. A lot like Jon Leuer from a couple years back.

We'll have one more set of ratings and then we'll go ahead and roll out our official rankings. June is right around the corner, y'all.

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