Thursday, June 27, 2013

Draft Night!

This is pretty much Christmas morning for the Index, the day we spend so much time talking about and running numbers on. The final numbers are in- the drafts are mocked (however this year looks like one of those drafts that blasts all the mocks to smithereens with trades, in short order) and for me, it's an occasion to sit back and watch the next chapter unfold.

I don't talk about the Bucks a lot, but this is an important  night for my hometown squad- blowing it would put them one big step closer to having to find a new town. I'm hoping now that Ellis, Redick, and quite possibly Jennings are off the roster, that they forget this pipe dream about running a track meet offense and settle on a physical, defensively capable player to complement Sanders and Henson.

There's a million ways things could break, and if you believe twitter, they have no intention of sticking at 15, but assuming they would, I would really like to see Milwaukee land Jamaal Franklin of San Diego State. His length and toughness are really special- the shot selection and ball protection are poor and will keep him out of the lottery and perhaps rightly so. However, if Franklin were utilized correctly, I have a lot of faith that his DI score does indeed portend good things ahead.

As always, thanks for reading and enjoy tonight...


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