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The Draft According to Draftability

Opinions typically are in no short supply on draft night- everybody has biases and crushes and are more than happy to let you know about them. Technically speaking, we do too, but we do have some numbers to back up our biases. The Index sees some pretty clear winners and losers from Thursday night...


76ers                                     DI Score  
Michael Carter-Williams   -        2.16
Nerlens Noel  (via trade)  -       Inc. 
Arsalan Kazemi                -        0.35

I didn't lay out clear cut rankings prior to the draft but if I did I'm pretty sure Noel and Carter-Williams would have been 2 of the top 3 prospects on our board. There was no finer maneuver on Thursday than first year GM Sam Hinkie turning the 11th pick in the draft and the not particularly effective Jrue Holliday into Noel, MCW, and about 9M in available funds. 
The Sixers aren't a finished product by any means and they are probably content to tank in pursuit of a high pick next summer, however they've positioned themselves well to move on from the Andrew Bynum fiasco. If however, Hinkie remains active, I'd love to see them continue the rebuild by adding a Millsap or J.J Hickson type to the front court to pair with Noel. 

Pistons                                  DI Score
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope         0.64
Tony Mitchell                             0.43
Peyton Siva                                1.12

The Pistons helped themselves quite a bit on draft night, adding three athletic, efficient prospects. I was glad Dumars didn't pander to the Michigan faithful with a Trey Burke selection and instead addressed the team's glaring need at the two. Pope wasn't our favorite prospect but if he can improve his shot selection he appears to have the rest of the tools in place to be a starting caliber player.
Mitchell is an ideal second rounder- an inconsistent performer who has flashed big time potential. He has a chance to play right away at both forward spots. We like Siva's quickness, defensive hands, and passing ability and he should be able to step in behind Brandon Knight immediately.
Three picks and three good looking prospects- we can't argue with that.

Grizzlies                                DI Score
Jamaal Franklin                         1.05
Janis Timma                          International
Kosta Koufos                        Via Trade

The Wallace/Hollinger Grizzlies front office team have been absolutely killing it in Memphis, and I love what they did on draft night. Franklin was dropping on mock draft boards in the weeks leading up to the draft, but nothing was more surprising to me than seeing him fall all the way into the mid-second round. If the Griz are financially incapable of bringing Tony Allen back next year, I really think Franklin can step in and replace a lot of that production from Day 1.
What puts Memphis' night over the top was the fleecing of the Nuggets in the Koufos-Arthur trade. Joerger will likely give Koufos and Ed Davis good run, making the Grizzlies frontline arguably the best, and certainly the deepest in the game. That's just good work.


Cavs                                      DI Score
Anthony Bennett                        0.55
Sergey Karasev                    International
Carrick Felix                              0.34

This is the second straight year the Cavs had a top five pick and went completely off the map to reach for an inefficient player. Bennett isn't the right size for a power forward, he isn't that great of a rebounder, he can't handle the ball like Larry Johnson- to whom he's often compared. I don't get it- but then again I still don't get Waiters...
Karasev seemingly fills a need, though officially we don't have much to offer on the European contingent that you couldn't get on DraftExpress. Felix might be OK, he's a good athlete but he just didn't produce much at ASU. He's a project type.
Bill Simmons put it well on Thursday when he talked about how, with four picks and a bunch of cap room, this was supposed to be a huge signature night for Cleveland and they just didn't come away with much. They're still lousy.

Nets                                      DI Score
Mason Plumlee                         0.67
Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett,      via trade
Jason Terry

We give Billy King plenty of grief on here, but COME ON! Granted, I understand Pierce, KG, and Jet are still above-average players and luxury tax dollars are of no object to ownership, but this was still wildly reckless. Evans was arguably their best player last year, Hump is good, this means Blatche is gone- how much better are they, even? This is worse than Isiah's Knicks, the Nets franchise is DOA-Dead from a financial standpoint beginning as early as a year from now- all in order to make slight cosmetic upgrades to a flawed roster. Don't even get me started on the three firsts...
Plumlee is a decent rotational big and a good fit for what the Nets do. Big Whoop.

Thunder                                DI Score
Stephen Adams                        0.35
Andre Roberson                       0.77
Alex Abrines                        International
Grant Jerrett                             0.08

Give Sam Presti four picks and typically you're going to like the results, but I just don't see the logic behind his selections. The Thunder had clear needs- a sharp shooter off the bench, a scorer from the block, and depth on the wings. Roberson and Abrines are long, rangy and probably can slot in behind KD and Sefolosha, but Adams and Jerrett feel like whiffs.
Seemingly, OKC was seduced by Adams' athleticism, but I would have rather seen them with a Tony Mitchell, or even Olynyk- somebody who could score around the basket and suck defenders toward the paint. If Adams becomes that guy, they're set, but I don't see it. Jerrett is a stringy power forward who can shoot a little, similar to an Austin Daye, however his defense was nonexistant in college. I wonder if he even makes the club. 

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